Boarding is part of who we are.

For boarders, BBC provides a quality education within an inclusive, connected community. In turn, our boarders bring their diversity of experiences and varied perspectives to our city school.

Now is the time to invest in renewing our boarding house – a home away from home for our boys from the bush, overseas and everywhere in between.

How to get involved

To get involved in Our Boarding Future,
contact the Foundation Office

07 3309 3598

How to get involved

To get involved in Our Boarding Future, contact the Foundation Office

07 3309 3598

Our Boarding stories

“In addition to raising the profile of boarding at BBC, the boarding house renewal will carry on and reinforce the strong sense of pride that our school community has towards Rudd House.”

Our boarding future

The ‘Our Boarding Future’ project is being undertaken to ensure boarding remains an integral part of the BBC story, and that we continue to enjoy the rich, diverse perspectives our boarders contribute to school life every day.

Boarding is a proud part of our tradition. Across our school, whether it be competition or in our curriculum, excellence is something we strive to achieve, and the boarding facilities should be reflective of this pursuit. At BBC, boarding moves beyond education into care, guidance and inspiration for our boys – to us, Rudd House should be an environment in which our boys can learn, develop and thrive. The ‘Our Boarding Future’ project will help us to achieve this vision by providing facilities to support our ambition.

Rudd House is a home - providing a quality home away from home experience with all the space and places a quality home has.

Generosity - in finish, fit out, feel, space and use.

Air, light and space - high quality air, light and volume of space are essential elements in providing a high quality living environment for our boarders.

Robustness and consistency - in design and material selection for longevity of the facility and minimisation of maintenance.

Sustainable - in design and use of resources, both during the construction and for operation of the Boarding House.

Community - the design and operation will support the further articulation of the boarding community with suitable spaces, resources, programs and supervision to maximise the positive impact on students, tutors and staff.